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AI – A New Ray of Hope

Artificial Intelligence and Machinelearning, the two terminologies have become uncommon across various industries, professionals, students, academicians, researchers and business houses. The AI transformation journey has already begun some years back and interesting predictions and forecasts on how AI is going to change our lives are in place today. Douglas Hofstadter expresses the AI effect concisely by quoting Tesler’s Theorem: “AI is whatever hasn’t been done yet.”

In the near future, one can be assured that AI and machine learning will play a key role in Healthcare, Fintech, Marketing/Sales, Retail, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Education and many more industries.

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Further we will see some interesting facts on how AI can disrupt education sector in general.

According to CBINSIGHTS(Source), South East Asia is a major market where AI is getting more adopted and this is real disruption that we see in this industry in the form of startup funding. Though this provides positive trend, AI also has its own share of priorities, challenges, benefits, impacts, obstacles, technology challenge, training and employee adoption which needs to be understood well based on the usecases or business problem before deploying AI based solution.

To name a few sample usecases which are transforming the education system today such as smart content, tutor interactions, experimental learnings, natural language-based interaction learnings, digital learning content, learning through prototype building, inclusion tools and many more. Intent is to leave the reader with the thought of disruptions that Education sector is going to embrace in near future.

Starting 2020 and by 2024, AI and machine learning is expected to be a core part of all educational 
experiences. New and Innovative business usecases, problem statements have started to emerge, Thanks to the startup era, AI based solutions have started to show the benefits and application to a wide range of educational needs and it’s A New Ray of Hope that will greatly improve overall learning outcomes for all.