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Blended Learning with DeepGrade

Ever since the pandemic outbreak happened almost the entire world made a shift to digital functioning on a daily basis. Educational institutions are at the spotlight to create quality platforms to continue learning at any situation.

With the widespread impact of covid, upholding the peak learning hours of students becomes a massive task for the educators today. This led to the brainstorm on how to catch up this crucial time and also not to affect the mental health of students.

In the upcoming days, It is very much impending that the schools and colleges have to work on the remodeled hours of institutional functions. Active learning hour is the next measuring indicator for educators when balancing between the in-school learning and home learning time. The structure of conventional methods are the first to be affected due to this disruption such as classroom teaching, class notes , paperback assignments, assessment methodologies and uninterrupted monitoring of students progress.

Though the online live classes tried to fill up the void, there are difficulties to gather everyone at the same time, internet fluctuations, missing out lessons, and unorganised follow ups, etc. It is high time that we need to focus on remedial modelling in par with the remodelling education system. Needless to say that edtech have curved the solution to support the chalk talk school modelling to see a new swift solution driven by technology.

DeepGrade is designed to be the flexible platform that serves as a one stop solution for all learning needs of an educational institution. Such remedial features include

Adopting technology is the strategy for educational institutions to seize the learning gap and also an opportunity to strike high end technology like AI into their premises.Deepgrade creates a holistic learning platform with the help of Artificial intelligence that further adds to its potential in the areas of innovation and teaching practices being able to learn and evolve quickly.

Though the pandemic remodelled the mode of education all over the world. it is evident that this blended learning format accelerated the necessity in schools and colleges to let the learning continue at any situation. Herewith we are proud to introduce our solution Deepgrade in the forefront of its adoption and geared up to support in empowering the educators.