Edu Excellence Summit 2021.

A successful event with 150+ education leaders of India

Smartail Turned into School

On 27th April 2023, SMARTAIL was turned into a school.  It was a great pleasure to be visited by a few experienced academicians from #PrasanVidhyaMandir, Chengalpattu.  Smartail’s team became students for the day and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and insightful session.  Our teams had a wonderful time brainstorming bloom’s taxonomy in school curriculum and holistic assessment of students. […]

Blended Learning with DeepGrade

Ever since the pandemic outbreak happened almost the entire world made a shift to digital functioning on a daily basis. Educational institutions are at the spotlight to create quality platforms to continue learning at any situation. With the widespread impact of covid, upholding the peak learning hours of students becomes a massive task for the […]

Digital Upskilling for Teachers

EdTech | AI Transformation | Teaching the Teachers According to ZipRecruiter’s (a SaaS based job search engine) future of work report, one of the key findings is that employers across several industries have begun offering more on-the-job training to prepare for tomorrow’s job market. AI is creating more jobs and will continue to create new […]


iGen (also called the Generation Z and Generation Alpha) are considered to be the most fortunate and highly knowledgeable among the recent generations in time. The ratio of these two makes the highest population in the world who will be redefining the future with Technology.   Gen Z and Gen Alpha are those born between 1990 […]

Sharpening Taxonomy

The Era of AI We are not living in the changing world of AI, instead we are living in the world where using AI we are enhancing the experience and productivity. This article has got its inspiration from the same thought by enhancing the well-known education framework “Bloom’s Taxonomy” to suit the needs of changing […]

Transform Hodgepodge grading

EdTech | Artificial Intelligence | Machinelearning One of the unexplored areas in EdTech is grading. Grading is expected to be the basis for some of the Key AI based transformational usecases. One of the recent survey states that $6 Billion is the estimated total market value of AI in education by 2024. That is not […]

Solving Biased AI using DeepGrade

EdTech | Machinelearning | DeepGrade The objective of this article is to provide readers on how technology [such as machinelearning], AI based solutions [For Example: AI-powered assessment and learning system] and Data are inter-related and how problems such as Biased AI can be solved or avoided in the context of adopting AI in Education. Machine […]