EES 2021

Education Excellence Summit & Awards 2021

Inclusive Education Provider Award

A school/institution which believes, promotes, and integrates inclusive practices that best prepare learners with special educational need and making a success of their future lives.

Sri Sivananda Balalaya Cbse & Nios School, Tiruchirapalli
SSB school is well known for inclusive education in all aspects from infrastructure, teaching and learning methods, inclusive curriculum and additional developmental activities for the overall development of the children.
Stella Marys Cbse School, Nagercoil
The school that contributes to the inclusive education system that begins with the belief that every child has strength to build upon, interest to share and experiences to honour.
Jawahar Higher Secondary School, Neyveli
From Inclusive education sports, arts integrated education, holistic developmental activities such as Yoga, Brain – Body coordination activities and special teacher training activities for the improvement in overall child development.

Inspiring School Leader Award

This award recognizes heads of schools and institutions who provide inspirational and motivational leadership, involving staff, children, and young people across the school, bringing learning to life, and inspiring all to fulfil their potential.

Smt P. Vijayalakshmi
Smt P. VijayalakshmiPrincipal, Chinmaya Vidyalaya
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The students wish that the school provided them a platform to explore and exhibit their talents; they wish the school were a place to have fun; they wish they could vent out their emotions; they wish the school did everything to prepare them ready for the future challenges. And no student ever wants the school to be always fun without doing anything worthwhile. Smt Vijayalakshmi is a leader who understands students best and is striving hard to ensure their wishes are met.
Mr. N C Sridharan
Mr. N C SridharanCorrespondent, Sri R M Jain Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School
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A leading speaker on various educational topics and a trainer in self development, NLP, a prolific writer and author of over 25 books in English, Tamil and Hindi. Has written hundreds of articles in leading newspapers and periodicals such as The Hindu, The Indian Express, 'Tuklak' etc.
Mr. R. Varadharajan
Mr. R. VaradharajanPrincipal, GSS Jain Vidyalaya
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'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality', here we have a leader who dreamed and led life for education and students. He spent three decades in the education field. Received Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Memorial Educational Excellence 'LifeTime Achievement Award’. He has many awards added to his arsenal. He is the commissioner of Chennai city CBSE Schools scouts and guides. He has organised & conducted more than 100 workshops for teachers and students on various Topics.
Mr. E. Malla Reddy
Mr. E. Malla ReddyChairman, Candor Shrine Senior Secondary School
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Mr. Shanmugam
Mr. ShanmugamPrincipal,Park Public School
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A person with experience in the leadership of education since 1984 and till date. He is a master trainer, mentor, advisor to the community of teachers, students and parents for child development and innovative method of teaching. A Mathematical expert with keen eye for technology adoption in the school arena.
Dr. Maddi Reddy Venkata Reddy
Dr. Maddi Reddy Venkata ReddyChairman, Kairos Global School
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He is an Educationist and a Philanthropist with a mission to provide quality education in the city of Hyderabad. He brings the strength of an experience over three decades in teaching and administration of quality educational institutes. He is interested in modern teaching requirements and techniques and he aspires to guide the institution towards quality education.
Mr. R. Shanmuganandan
Mr. R. ShanmuganandanPrincipal, Kamlavati Senior Secondary School
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He is the President of Dhakshin Sahodaya School Complex. An exemplary leader with almost 4 decades of experience in the education sector. He served as Teacher, Principal, Director in various schools across India. His contributions in the field of education recognized him with many prestigious awards. He is a master trainer mentored many educators on leadership and “Comprehensive Learning innovations”.
Dr. Chandrashekar D P
Dr. Chandrashekar D PCEO, JGI Schools
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It takes immense concentration to do a task, Dr. Chandrashekar is a pro at handling multiple tasks. He is an acclaimed TEDx speaker, author, avid traveler and inspiration to many in the education field. He has represented India at the International Visitor Leadership Program to the USA in 2016. He is an alumnus of Jain College and has an honorary doctorate in Education
Mr. P. Kadhiresan
Mr. P. KadhiresanPrincipal, Navaneeta Public School
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Experience of making a good decision comes from making many bad decisions. But we have an achiever who has made many good decisions and is a pioneer in the field of education for more than three decades. He mentors educators in India and internationally as well.
Retd. Major General Nrk Babu
Retd. Major General Nrk BabuCorrespondent, Sri Sivananda Balalaya School CBSE & NIOS
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With 38 years of immense experience in the Army, he retired in 2013 as General Officer in Command of the Sub Area. An Alumni of National Defence Academy (Pune), winner of President Silver Medallist and Commandant’s Bronze Medallist. A Blue in boxing from NDA. In 1985 under his guidance the first station “Dakshin Gangotri“ was constructed in Antarctica. He was an instructor in Madras Engineering Group and Centre as a Captain and as a colonel he was in the faculty in the Army War College (Mhow) and as Brigadier he was heading the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical School in Pune.
Mr. Mohamed Rafi M
Mr. Mohamed Rafi MPrincipal, Meenakshi Ramasamy Vidhyalaya
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A Strategist, planner & achiever with diverse experience of many years in general administration, classroom management, curriculum development, teaching and student management; possess rich and extensive experience in delivering quality education & running successful method-oriented operations and taking initiatives for ensuring academic excellence.
Mr. I. Jalaludeen
Mr. I. JalaludeenCorrespondent, Good Word Public School
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'Villages are the backbone of the country'. Developing the village will indeed develop our country. He believes this strongly and works continuously on achieving this. He walks on the road which was not taken by many. Academically and professionally he has influenced many students and teachers to follow him.
Smt. Amutha Asaithambi
Smt. Amutha AsaithambiCorrespondent, KSR Akshara Academy Senior Secondary School
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An inspiring educational leader, illuminating the lives of young learners of rural areas with 3 decades of experience. Her vision is to bring in innovative methods in learning that aid every child the best quality education. She takes an active role in inspiring and guiding students to peak performance in their studies and in life.
Mr. Sowma Rajarathinam
Mr. Sowma RajarathinamCorrespondent, Sowma Public School, Manapparai
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Smt. Mona Mehdi
Smt. Mona MehdiPrincipal,Jain Heritage - A Cambridge School, Shamirpet
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In every aspect of life, if you want to make a decision you need to be a good judge to see the good things. Our leader is a great judge, who spent more than 25 years in the field of education to find and encourage fresh talent. She has been awarded with Honorary Doctorate for her expertise in education. She motivates and encourages her associates to face the challenges in society and shine in life.
Mr. B. Anurag
Mr. B. AnuragCorrespondent, Sri Dharamchand Jain School
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A person with a vision to create a harmonious society by providing holistic education to students. In such a short span of time, his contribution to the overall development of school brought various recognition and awards. He incorporated many innovative educational strategies to improve the quality of education.
Smt. Divya Dhirendra
Smt. Divya DhirendraPrincipal, The Creek Planet School - Venus Campus
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Smt. Divya Dhirendra leads her life by 'Practice what you preach'. She is the pillar for Senior Secondary CBSE school for over a decade, has extensive experience for focussing on academic level enhancement with city toppers from the school and also in the affiliation process. She sows passion for learning in the upcoming generation.
Mr. N. Pandiarajan
Mr. N. PandiarajanCorrespondent, Cauvery International School
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A legend, who is a role model for countless students & teachers in the field of education. He strongly believes in the ideology, 'A student is lamp to be lit, not a vessel to be filled'. A true inspirational leader with more than 50 years of unparalleled service to the society.
Dr. Balachander L
Dr. Balachander LPrincipal, TKS Public School - CBSE
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A leadership coach, trainer, mentor, orator who trained teachers in School Climate and culture, Innovative teaching methodology, parenting, nuances of modern schooling, etc. With more than 3 decades of experience he served as a principal, academic coordinator and education consultant.
Smt. J. Sudharshana
Smt. J. SudharshanaPrincipal, A. K. T Memorial Vidya Saaket School
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A leader and mentor in guiding innovation in pedagogy, collaborating with other professionals to provide the highest level of education practices. She has earned an exceptional reputation among students and parents for her contributions in development of her educational institution
Smt. Lisha Florence
Smt. Lisha FlorencePrincipal, Subham Vidhyalayaa
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Smt. Lisha leads by the saying, 'If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours'. She took great effort and initiative to spread education in rural area. Her continuous efforts resulted in including differently abled children and who don't have accessibility to mainstream education.
Smt. Nallam Veena Mankoty
Smt. Nallam Veena MankotyPrincipal, Ambitus World School
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"Every artist was first an amateur", our inspiring leader makes every student believe that they have great potential within them. Apart from education she teaches about the importance of Greener, Cleaner and Healthier Environment. She inspires the young generation in taking responsibility and helping the needy
Smt. Renuga S
Smt. Renuga SPrincipal, Sathya Saai Public Sr. Sec. School
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Smt. T. Veena Murthy
Smt. T. Veena MurthyPrincipal, Delhi School Of Excellence Banjara Hills
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Community Contribution Award

This school through its innovative approach and methodology empowered, enabled learners and educators to achieve excellence in their academics and be a role model in promoting and sharing their knowledge as best practices

Ksr Akshara Academy Senior Secondary School, Thiruchengodu
A school that involves community resources and also taking students to the community for a mutual benefit in education. From providing educational schemes for the students in need, awareness programs, rallies, and more.
Slate High School, Jannaram
A school that provided online education for the students of almost entire telangana state and also provided self-learning modules to the students, who did not have access to smartphones.
Jain Heritage- A Cambridge School, Kondapur
The School has an active involvement in joining hands to reach out to the community in the form of ringing rallies, plantation drives, integrating with the community for education and betterment of community as well.

Digital Adoption In Education

Given Covid-19 there is an increased awareness and usage of digital medium and adoption among educators and learners. This special award is to recognize a school, Institution or an individual who using a unique app, software, or a novel technology/approach helped learners by going above and beyond during the pandemic to deliver and drive educational efficiency.

Dalmia Vidya Mandir, Dalmiapuram
A school with digitally equipped classrooms, remote learning accessibility and incorporated digital assessment modules, though in a complete rural segment has bridged the digital divide. The school continuously works on providing digital education training to the students, teachers, and parents.
Vav International School, Tiruppur
In Recognition for promoting & integrating inclusive practices, that makes best learners with special educational need & making a success for their future lives.
Vishwa Vikas High School, Nizamabad
A school that created a virtual teaching and learning platform and continuous training for teachers on effective utilization of latest technologies. This school achieves digital adoption, they not only learn basic functions, they maximize the advanced features to unlock innovative new ideas and processes
Mathakondapalli Model School, Hosur
A school recognized for quick adoption to digital education during lockdown. Their educator team are efficiently handling 30 different digital education tools for the better education experience for students.
Sri R M Jain Vidhyashram Senior Secondary School, Tiruvallur
"SRMJV Centre for Teacher Excellence" has been a strategic quality monitoring forum that has significantly contributed to total quality improvement in school.

Academic Excellence Innovation

This school through its innovative approach and methodology empowered, enabled learners and educators to achieve excellence in their academics and be a role model in promoting and sharing their knowledge as best practices

The Creek Planet School Venus Campus, Nizamabad
The creek is a green campus developed with minimal disturbance to the environment, where teaching fraternity strives to give holistic development to the children with a special focus on experiential learning integrating all the 4 forms of art into the core curriculum teaching.
Skv Vidhyaashram Senior Secondary School, Namakkal
A school well known for its academic achievements and innovative education practices which is beyond the score sheets. Their eminence created world records and brought various recognitions in education and overall development.

Inspirational Teacher

This award recognizes teachers who are bringing learning to life by engaging and inspiring all children and young people to fulfil their potential within their subject area. Consistently giving their learners a daily memorable experience

Mr. Senthil Kumar P
Mr. Senthil Kumar PA. K. T. Memorial Vidhya Saaket
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“Teachers affect eternity: no one can tell where their influence stops” - He is a teacher with passion towards improvement in every individual student. His approach towards teaching is always providing students to focus on learning opportunities and also to develop divergent thinking skills.
Smt. Zeenath Parveen F
Smt. Zeenath Parveen FGood Word Public School
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“A good teacher can change lives with just the right mix of chalks and challenges”. She is a great listener who keenly focuses on every child to inculcate best educational practices and support in taking them into a proper direction in life.
Smt. Jk Annie
Smt. Jk AnnieFathima Central Senior Secondary SchoolFathima Central Senior Secondary School
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“Teaching is an act of sharing the knowledge” – Ms. Annie, with her exemplary knowledge and experience she guides students with innovative educational practices. She is a person with passion towards creativity in every step of teaching and learning.
Mr. Sankara Narayanan
Mr. Sankara NarayananVenkateshwara School
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“It is the teacher who makes the difference not the classroom” – be it school premises or education during this lockdown, his efforts, commitment and contribution to inculcate innovation in the teaching process is tremendous. A person with passion towards education and technology to be a strength for students of tomorrow.

Most Improved School

This school must promote creativity and enterprising activities among its students over a period. Also, it should have made progress since its inception in terms of opportunity for students, enrolment, and student performance.

Good Word Public School, Chennai
Good Word school provides education to most of the first generation learners and is envisioned towards creating good citizens in future. This school focuses to provide a stimulating learning environment, where children enjoy the whole learning process, achieve their potential and become independent lifelong learners.
The Creek Planet School - Neptune Campus, Hyderabad
The school has been engaging the students beautifully to ensure that learning remains uninterrupted even in times of the pandemic. Hobby clubs, Steam lab, metamorphosis, scholastic and co-scholastic activities make our students engaged and help them in holistic development.
The Navodaya Academy, Namakkal
Quality education through culture, inculcation of values, awareness of environment, physical & mental health activities to make every child excel in their interest. Students received National level recognitions in both sports & competitive exams.
Pearl International School, Telangana
A school with excellence in all aspects like luscious green campus, library, Innovative pedagogy. Continuous upskilling activities for teachers and students through various labs, associations and workshops.

Outstanding Early Years Provision

This award recognizes an early year setting that is excellent at offering the prime areas of learning: communication and language; physical development; and personal social and emotional development, and at promoting the characteristics of effective learning.

A. K. T Memorial Vidya Saaket, Kallakurichi
Robotics, digital Education platforms and various experiential learning laboratories incorporated in the process of education. This schools has many academic and social clubs in which students actively participate for holistic education and development.
Quantum Leap School, Hyderabad
School looks for the holistic development of every child and conducts various child development programs including Q- Talks for communication skills, Q – room for Creative and Critical thinking, Super Numeracy Program for analytical skill development & many more.

Green School Initiative

This category recognizes whole-institution commitment and impact to becoming a sustainable organization with a passionate commitment to helping pupils develop as environmental citizens and green ambassadors for our planet. The winning school will have raised the bar when it comes to a whole-school approach to sustainability, finding innovative approaches to exploring a range of issues across all aspects of school life.

Jain Heritage- A Cambridge School, Shamirpet, Hyderabad
A school with a mission to create green school and sustainably synergizing the same in educational programs, physical space & the organisational culture of the school.
Cauvery International School, Manapparai
“The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it”. A school with active participation of students in creating a zero-waste campus, school gardening, sustainable resource management makes effective usage of everything inside the campus.
Ambitus world school, Vijayawada
Green school on the outskirts of Vijayawada!! Plant a seed, donate a plant are some of the green initiatives taken by this school. The school has many programs that teach environmental awareness.

Artificial Intelligence - Early Adoption

This school through its future focused vision and thoughts might have embraced artificial intelligence-based solutions to improve the overall quality of education as a part of STEAM movement which is an important trend in K-12 education because of the rapid pace of innovation and the changing nature of the job market.

Sri Bhashita Grammar High School, Armoor
Established the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the school education from primary to higher secondary classes. School has provided awareness and training to the teachers and students about the efficient utilization of AI in education.
Fathima Central Senior Secondary School. Chennai
'School with strong belief in technology plays an important role in students' education. The educators of this school took various efforts and interest in early adoption of AI technology to nurture and improve the quality of education at every level.
The Creek Planet School Mercury Campus, Hyderabad
AI is a potential power in the hands of the future - this school established AI awareness to students at an early age and given a separate class for learning the AI technology as a part of their curriculum. Exposure to AI and its application has helped the student to think out of the box and hone their skills.
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