Edu Excellence Summit 2021.

A successful event with 150+ education leaders of India


This workshop facilitates a dialogue about teaching, learning, and leading in the school environment to keep pace with emerging demands and challenges. It covers a wide gamut of issues such as art and science of learning, the importance of technological advancement, pedagogy, personality development of students etc. The workshop delves deep into the need for aiming at the harmonious development of multiple dimensions of the student’s personalities. Helps leaders of school education in appreciating and promoting the concept of living together religiously, socially, and environmentally.


  • To have discussions on the purpose of education, the notion of excellence in education and achieving the same through NEP 2020.
  • To identify key issues, challenges, and opportunities to enhance the quality, motivation, and commitment of teachers.
  • To achieve Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Career Management and Progression (CMP).
  • To inculcate and promote ethics and human & Constitutional values envisaged in NEP 2020 such as empathy, respect for others, courtesy, democratic spirit, spirit of service, scientific temper, liberty, responsibility, pluralism, equality, spiritual knowledge, morality, righteousness, and justice.
  • To Promote Indian Languages, Arts, and Culture and Technology Use and Integration.

Who Should Participate?

School principals and heads and senior teachers, school administrators, members of governing bodies of schools, executive members of various educational boards, educational consultants, educational researchers, educationists, educational psychologists, curriculum planners, coordinators and promoters, sponsors and managers, officers in the department of education at all levels, decision makers, policy makers, members of education regulating bodies, employers and all those concerned with school education may participate.

Benefits to the Participants

  • Will acquire advanced capabilities of moulding the personalities of students in the right direction.
  • Will get many doubts clarified which in turn help them in carrying out their responsibilities as principals, teachers, educational consultants, counsellors in a satisfactory manner.
  • Will acquire the required knowledge and skills for clarifying the doubts of Gen Z students on burning issues related to learning, life and technology.
  • Will acquire relevant skills and values required for becoming excellent teacher-leaders in the 21stCentury particularly in a borderless world.

What do Participants Say?

  • Excellent! A well-organized & structured workshop. Group work was amazing. Extremely Good. The example, anecdotes, inferences from great leaders-really charging. It has given a new insight.
  • Non-stop sharing of profound and inspiring thoughts. I am going back with a determination to start all over again to bring excellence in education- I have understood excellence today. Anecdotes are excellent. Sessions are thought provoking. My self-esteem is improved.
  • Highly valuable and very neatly documented course material really channelised our thoughts in the correct way. Very insightful, thought provoking; appropriate and concise; suggestive and genuinely “Goading to read” course material. Eye opening programme.
  • Learnt a lot, value addition is great! Highly relevant to the need of the hour. It was a really a remarkable programme

Workshop Director and Faculty

Dr C Panduranga Bhatta, Professor of Business Ethics and Communication, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta who superannuated from the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, has over four decades of teaching and research experience at postgraduate and doctoral levels besides being a leading consultant and contributor to several research projects undertaken by prestigious institutions in India and abroad.

At the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, he was the founder coordinator of the Business Ethics and Communications Group, Coordinator of Management Centre for Human Values, Editor of the Journal of Human Values published by SAGE Publications, Chairperson, Post-Graduate Programme for Executives (PGPEX), Convenor, Faculty Council, President, IIMC Welfare Association and Provost. He has published many books and numerous research papers, book chapters, case studies and articles in reputed national and international journals.

He has conducted several Management Development Programmes and Executive Educational Programmes on leadership excellence, managerial excellence, organizational excellence through leadership, creative excellence in management, educational leadership excellence and excellence in school education in India, Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat, Singapore, etc.

Prof. Bhatta has been awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Award twice, for the distinctions achieved in Academic field besides being honoured with a gold medal by the Association of Indian Management Schools for securing the prestigious “AIMS-ICFAI Best Teacher Award-2011”. He has also been bestowed with Dewang Mehta Award for Best Teacher in Business Ethics and Communication in 2010. He was deputed to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations’ Chair Professor at Silpakorn University, Bangkok for two academic years by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government. of India.

He is the founder convenor of Samanvaya Academy for Excellence ( which promotes human values at educational institutions and corporate circles. He is also an honorary advisor to Smartail (, a start-up venture which creates many products and services for educational institutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Workshop Material

A copy of the book “The Art of Leading in a Borderless World” authored by C Panduranga Bhatta and Pragyan Rath, published by Bloomsbury India, 2020 and research articles, exercises, book chapters, handouts along with video and audio links etc., will be provided.

A certificate signed by the authorities of Smartail and Samanvaya Academy for Excellence will be provided to all the participants.

Event date

October 15th, 2022


Registration is now closed. ​

Workshop Excellence in School Education

Professor C Panduranga Bhatta
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (Retd.)

Workshop Director and Faculty


09.00 am - 09.30 am
09.30 am - 10.00 am
Inaugural Session-CPB-AS-SG
10.00 am - 11.00 am
21st Century Challenges of School Education
11.00 am - 11.15 am
11.15 am - 12-15 pm
Relevance of the Indian Ethos in the 21st Century
12.15 pm - 12.30 pm
12.30 pm - 01.30 pm
Developing Creative Individuals
01.30 pm - 02.30 pm
02.30 pm - 04.00 pm
Group Work and Presentations
04.00 pm - 04.15 pm
04.15 pm - 05.00 pm
Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in School Education Smartail Session
05.00 pm - 05.30 pm
Feedback and Valedictory -CPB/AS and SG
CPB- Prof C Panduranga Bhatta

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (Retd.)

AS- Mr. Aslam Sherieff

Chief Growth Officer, Smartail 

SG- Mr. Swaminathan Ganesan,

Chief Executive Officer, Smartail