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Delivering AI-powered Decision Science for Educators

What Smartail Does

Grading as a Service to schools with the power of AI

About Smartail


AI Grading

Our grading is based on intent, meaning and context.

Deep Analytics

We provide grading analytics from the deep understanding of the student

AI Powered Remedials

The remedial plans we provide help teachers to understand learning gaps of students

Smartail, a DeepTech startup founded in 2019, is transforming the education sector with its innovative AI-driven solutions. Leading the way in the industry, Smartail addresses critical challenges in education with its distinctive product offerings. At the forefront is DeepGrade, the company’s flagship AI platform, which facilitates personalized learning experiences for students. Utilizing advanced AI technology, Smartail’s platform assesses student data to generate customized reports, ultimately enhancing learning outcomes

Who is Smartail for

Smartail caters to progressive educators, schools, and institutions aiming to transform the student learning journey. Our AI-driven solutions are tailored to tackle the challenges prevalent in the education sector, providing an unparalleled product that redefines industry norms.

Schools & Universities

Institutions can have a detailed analytics of their students


Parents have their performance of the children in a single click


Smartail made the jobs of the educators easier with DeepGrade

Smartail’s solutions are crafted to assist educators in refining their teaching methods and enhancing student achievements. Through our AI-powered platform, educators gain access to valuable insights and recommendations, enabling them to customize their lessons to address the individual needs of every student.

Questions in Library
Answers Graded

DeepGrade currently operates around 80+ schools

Graded Answers
0 Million

DeepGrade graded over 50 million answers

About DeepGrade

The Flagship cutting edge AI powered solution that is designed to assist educators trail the students data which helps in filling up the Learning gap resulting in ultimate improvement in their education

DeepGrade grades students handwritten or digitized answers using advanced AI powered machine learning and gives back results of the exams to schools/students with advanced analytics which helps in making remedials

DeepGrade can be used in formative, summative and multiple choice questions.




People Say

I have been following the progress of DeepGrade for the  past 3 years. DeepGrade has evolved through the years to be a better product every single day. DeepGrade greatly aligns with the vision of NEP 2020 by bringing Artificial Intelligence into Assessments. It provides greater benefits to teachers and principals in identifying accurately the learning gaps of students.

Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak

Sr. Principal, St.Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Cuttack & Academic Head, St.Xavier’s Group of Schools

DeepGrade has been implemented in our school. It is first of its kind and  we find it very useful. Descriptive answers could be graded using this program and we are able to measure the growth & success of students with the internal assessments conducted using DeepGrade. Also it is a repository for us, and it helps in making us take necessary steps in all directions,  to strengthen the teaching and learning process.

Smt. A. Lakshmi Prabha

Senior Principal & Member Secretary, Prasan Vidya Mandir, Chengalpattu & Vice Chairperson Chennai Sahodaya Schools Complex

DeepGrade is a time saver. It enhances teachers’ productivity. The analytics given by DeepGrade has been of greater help in improving the learning outcomes & identifying  learning gaps. DeepGrade is game changer in Artificial Intelligence space.

Mr. Mohnish Yerra

Promoter, Vidyananda Educational Society, Delhi Public Schools Group, Hyderabad


DeepGrade supports CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, State Board, Matriculation, etc., and is also customized based on requirements for international institutions. For more details please do contact our support team.

Yes. It is possible to purchase and access Deepgrade if you want to use Deepgrade only for specific classes (For example 8 -12th). Please reach out to our sales and support to talk more about it.

Instant analysis of learning effectiveness through quizzes under every video, immediate quiz assessment reports (downloadable mark sheet of the entire class), and Performance analysis for every concept (question-based analysis) in the worksheet. We are also working on the Class based and subject-based analysis which will come through sooner.

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