Edu Excellence Summit 2021.

A successful event with 150+ education leaders of India


Smartail is super excited to step into the land of the rising sun.

Japan has always been a technology and innovation powerhouse of the world. Japan is a pioneer in not only Automobiles, Consumer electronics, Robotics, Industrial automation and many more. Smartail is entering into Japan market

Gate Firm Inc. is now our channel partner who will take DeepGrade into Japan. For DeepGrade the journey will begin with all the International and local English medium institutions and in the very near future, Japanese medium educational institutions will also be focused. So we look forward to this great partnership and mutual growth.

“ If we can crack Japan as a market, we can prove that DeepGrade is definitely a world-class product. This is a really great opportunity and as well as a good test for our solution as well ” says Mr. Swaminathan Ganesan, CEO, Smartail Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Masahiro Kitawaki, CEO, Gate Firm Inc says “We think that Deep Grade as a product will be a game-changer in the education sector and will definitely bring value to the Japanese market as well and we are really excited to work with the Smartail team to take this forward ”.