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Smartail Turned into School

On 27th April 2023, SMARTAIL was turned into a school.  It was a great pleasure to be visited by a few experienced academicians from #PrasanVidhyaMandir, Chengalpattu.  Smartail’s team became students for the day and thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and insightful session. 

Our teams had a wonderful time brainstorming bloom’s taxonomy in school curriculum and holistic assessment of students. Initially, we thought it would be a difficult topic as there were too many knots to resolve, but the session changed our perception. It was an interactive and informative session that helped us understand the importance and usefulness of Bloom’s Taxonomy in our academic journey. This in turn helped us to enhance the overall #Deepgrade grading proficiency. 

A heartfelt Thanks to Mrs. Lakshmi Prabha and the teachers on behalf of our whole team for the Insightful and memorable experience. Thank you for always giving us inputs and suggestions to develop ourselves. Let the journey of success and growth of both Prasan Vidya Mandir School and Smartail continue.