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DeepGrade Analytics

AI Analytics for your academic data

Crafted by SMARTAIL

DeepGrade Analytics

AI Analytics for your Academic data

Crafted by SMARTAIL

AI Analytics

Upload your marks to get AI Generated Analytics

Get AI generated analytics in minutes by just uploading your student’s assessment marks as XLXS & XLS files

Remedial planning

Power of AI Analytics

DeepGrade Analytics provides an in-depth view of the learning gaps of the student, with which teachers can plan remedies to improve the student’s performance.

DeepGrade Analytics offers...

DeepGrade Analytics

Go Beyond Grades with Magic Reports

DeepGrade’s Magic Reports provide comprehensive visualizations of student performance, empowering data-driven decisions.

Assessment Analysis

Get Categorization of Questions based on Student’s Question Attempt Ratio versus Class Average. The teacher can plan remedies based on the analytics.

OMR Statistics

Get Question-wise Performance Analysis, Correct vs. Incorrect Attempts by Question, Student Performance Summary including Correct answers, Unanswered Questions, and most common Incorrect Choices and helps analyzing student responses by Question

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