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One-stop AI Solution for Learning & Grading

Crafted by SMARTAIL

One-stop AI Solution for Learning & Grading

Crafted by SMARTAIL

What does DeepGrade offer?

Impact Assessment Program

Unleash your students learning potential with the power of AI

School Assessment Program

A complete grading solution to all the exams in an academic year

Competitive Assessment Program

NEET / JEE Exam grading, Standardized testing

University Digital Assessment Program

AI-Assisted Digital Grading

DeepGrade seamlessly integrates into your educational workflow & enhances various assessment types

DeepGrade seamlessly integrates into your educational workflow, enhancing various assessment types

AI Assessments

Get your handwritten answer scripts graded using DeepGrade

Save teachers’ precious time and let them focus more on student’s interaction.

Data Insights

Identify the learning gaps and Teaching effectiveness.

In-depth identification of learning gaps, pattern analysis, and more.

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Decision Science

Make Data Driven Decisions using the power of Artificial Intelligence

DeepGrade helps in continuous improvement, be it your remedial class planning, or teaching methodology 

How does DeepGrade work?

Let's take a sample answer paper

This is a sample science answer paper of a student. Take Q. No. 26 and see the result of the question

Graded Results

As the student had covered all the points, DeepGrade awarded full marks to the student

Analytics provided by DeepGrade

Questions are categorized based on the mark scored, and attended average by the students in a class. DeepGrade also offers Blooms analysis, Marks, and Chapter wise analytics. These features help teachers pinpoint areas where students are struggling and develop targeted interventions.

Benefits of DeepGrade

Know Pin-pointed Learning Gaps

Deep Insights & Analytics

Save Precious Time of Teachers

DeepGrade is for...

Visionary schools who believe in technology adoption for betterment of students learning journey.



I have been following the progress of DeepGrade for the  past 3 years. DeepGrade has evolved through the years to be a better product every single day. DeepGrade greatly aligns with the vision of NEP 2020 by bringing Artificial Intelligence into Assessments. It provides greater benefits to teachers and principals in identifying accurately the learning gaps of students.

Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak

Sr. Principal, St.Xavier’s Senior Secondary School, Cuttack & Academic Head, St.Xavier’s Group of Schools

DeepGrade has been implemented in our school. It is first of its kind and  we find it very useful. Descriptive answers could be graded using this program and we are able to measure the growth & success of students with the internal assessments conducted using DeepGrade. Also it is a repository for us, and it helps in making us take necessary steps in all directions,  to strengthen the teaching and learning process.

Smt. A. Lakshmi Prabha

Senior Principal & Member Secretary, Prasan Vidya Mandir, Chengalpattu & Vice Chairperson Chennai Sahodaya Schools Complex

DeepGrade is a time saver. It enhances teachers’ productivity. The analytics given by DeepGrade has been of greater help in improving the learning outcomes & identifying  learning gaps. DeepGrade is game changer in Artificial Intelligence space.

Mr. Mohnish Yerra

Promoter, Vidyananda Educational Society, Delhi Public Schools Group, Hyderabad

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