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SaaSBoomi Annual ‘ 24

Smartail participated in the SaasBoomi Annual 2024. Over 1500 SaaS founders, along with more than 100 VCs and enterprise CXOs, convened for two full days and a night of exchanging tactical playbooks and building relationships. SaaSBoomi Annual is a booster rocket for your startup.

Girish Matrubootham’s speech at SaasBoomi was simple, candid and impactful – the tech world is a relentless tide, and the only way to survive is to learn to ride it. His own journey, from Y2K to the rise of SaaS and now the tidal wave of AI, was a testament to that. But adaptation wasn’t just about reacting, he stressed, it was about spotting the next wave before it even crested. Stay curious, embrace learning, and become a master surfer of the innovation wave!

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